Kaweco Student 70’S Soul Fountain Pen

Kaweco Student 70’s Soul

Bohemian Rhapsody Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, side burns, the Godfather, bell-bottom pants, the Frisbee, Sears Tower, the Emergency in India, Rocky, Deconstructivism, platform shoes and the Concert for Bangladesh have one thing in common – they are all “gifts” to us from the 1970’s, the Me Decade!


Kaweco: if Zen was a Fountain Pen!

Kaweco drawing the thin line between tradition and innovation since 1883!

Kaweco dates itself back to 1883, the year the Heidelberger penholder factory was set up by Luce and Enßlen in Germany. To put things in the right perspective, Montblanc was established only in in 1906. Soennecken had started its journey in 1875 though is strictly not comparable as they have long moved out of the fountain pen domain. The original Pelikan had started in 1832 (I use the qualifier “original” with regard to Pelikan as its operations were marred by discontinuity. Kaweco too had gone kaput in 1929 – the same year Pelikan had patented their piston filler – as it was unable to sustain the massive growth it had unleashed upon itself).


Congratulations Kaweco!

The India Pen Show
Nehru Center, Mumbai
2nd-3rd February

Kaweco was the co-sponsor of the recent India Pen Show, the first of its kind in India, hosted at the prestigious Nehru Center in the city of Mumbai. The event attracted both local pen manufacturers and distributors of foreign writing instrument brands to exhibit their products.

We are proud resellers of this 100-year-old German brand and stock a wide range of their fabulous writing instruments and accessories.


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